Happy 50th birthday, Eagle Harbor Book Company!

Bainbridge Island has always been an affordable and easy escape for frazzled Seattleites who need a break from the annoyances of city life. Less than 10 bucks gets you aboard one of the frequent, relaxing half-hour ferry trips from downtown, and a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal puts you in the heart of the town of Winslow, which is everything Seattle isn’t — quiet, calm and slow.

Winslow feels custom-built for city dwellers who want to while the time away. The main drag is lined with restaurants, galleries and shops. And for Seattleites who make their way across Puget Sound in search of rejuvenation, no Bainbridge minivacation is complete without a leisurely stop by Eagle Harbor Book Company, Winslow’s preeminent bookshop. At over 4,000 square feet, the size of Eagle Harbor surprises first-time visitors: From the front door it looks like another cute little Winslow storefront, but take just a few steps in and the shelves seem to unfold vertiginously, further and further back.

Most great independent bookstores do one thing really well, but Eagle Harbor plays double duty: It’s a quaint island bookstore, stocked with plenty of jigsaw puzzles and cheap, used cozy mysteries, and it’s also a community hub for one of Seattle’s most densely packed literary communities…

(Keep reading in the Seattle Times.)

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