Planet of the Nerds (illustrated by Alan Robinson, colored by Felipe Sobreiro, lettered by Rob Steen, with backups by Randy Elliott) is the story of three jocks who are frozen in the 1980s and thawed out in the present day, only to learn that nerds rule the world. (Published October 29th, 2019.)

I contributed six backup stories to The Wrong Earth, a witty and inventive superhero book written by Tom Peyer and illustrated by Jamal Igle—three stories set in the golden age of superhero comics and three set in the grittier modern age. (Published May 14th, 2019.)

Illustrated by Russ Braun, my story “The Sphinx” is collected in the first volume of Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror, along with short comics by Mark Russell, Peter Milligan, and Ann Nocenti. It’s the short tale of an esoteric documentary filmmaker who is feeling immense pressure to make more commercial work. Then a giant insect attacks! (Published October 15th, 2019.)